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OZTEKFEN REDUKTOR MOTOR INDUSTRY and TRADE LTD was established in 1964 by Respectful Mehmet Büyükpişirici. Besides manufacturing reducers, the company also sells all kinds of marks of electric motors and materials for electric motors as well.

VOLT Electric Motor

Volt Motor was established to manufacture coil winding in 1966, and started to manufacture single-phase electric motors in 1987 and subsequently three-phase electric motors and has taken its place in the electric motor manufacturing sector.

KalVent Ventilation Systems

KalVent offers solutions for Duct fans, Commercial kitchen fans, Roof fans, Axial fans, Radial fans, Heat Recovery units, Air Handling Units and Ventilation units on the basic categories of all desired HVAC requirements.


Vibration motors are manufactured using quality materials and components, and provide a wide range of products with high efficiency, with different body designs, various speed and frequency options.

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